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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

The Weekly IFWGP Q&A

Here's a little something for you guys to get involved in!

As of this Sunday, this blog will be host to a weekly writing Q&A, courtesy of me, Esme Carpenter, and your burning writing questions. Having problems with characterisation? Lost the sparkle in the long-haul? Or just not sure where to start? Wondering how we at IFWGP started writing, or where we get our inspiration from?

Send me your questions at, and every Sunday I'll pick the best ones and answer them right here on the blog. Then, from your comments, we'll be able to help each other answer those tricky questions.

So get sending me your queries, and I'll get answering them!


EDIT: Okay, I misspelled the e-mail address, so we'll restart the questions and get them answered next Sunday! Apologies!

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