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Saturday, 28 August 2010

Writer Profile: Geri Fitzsimmons & Andy Stephenson

We have two authors who have collaborated on a wonderful crime thriller.

Geri Fitzsimmons

Geri a native New Yorker, who fled the state at an early age, but continued to return, resides now in the town of Whitesboro, NY as a member of a large extended family in the immediate Upstate area.

Her years of roaming this great land from the deserts of New Mexico to Ocean beaches of South Jersey, often alone and scared, started her people-watching, fantasizing, and eventually writing about the secret lives she could give these strangers. When she encountered Andy Stephenson a fire was ignited and they commenced in the winter of 2008 to combine their abilities to create The Devil Came East.

Andy Stephenson

Andy Stephenson, forced to write a poem in the second grade, froze in front of the class, unable to speak, when expected to recite it.  Thus began his writing career.    To impress a high school girl, he began writing more poetry and was first published in 1970.  He's been published many times in spurts in small periodicals.    Writing mostly songs over the years, in 2005 he changed his creative efforts to stories, novellas, and novels.  October 2007, he produced and self-published, 'One More Time, America', containing twenty-one songs he'd written or co-written.

In February 2008, he teamed up with Geri Fitzsimmons to write The Devil Came East, his first completed novel.   He loves to co-write and to encourage others to strive for their dreams.

He is owned by and resides with five cats in Norman, Oklahoma, his favorite city, pursuing his creative interests

The Devil Came East

Had Dr. Neil Harris, a sincere, genuine psychiatrist and radio talk show host, not become concerned, the killing rampage of the devil might have gone unnoticed. Perhaps, the authorities would have never discovered the trail of bodies in his wake. The young women who died might have been destined to be no more than a statistic, one among a number of tragic deaths of girls who'd lost their will to live, among the masses of New York City.

The devil disguised his crimes well until Neil mentioned his concerns to his long time friend, Detective Sergeant Joseph Farley of the 61st precinct of the NYPD. From his conversation with Neil, Farley decides to delve into what turns out to be a string of killings by a serial killer, knowing neither remorse nor fear.

Joe Farley and his men strive to catch the devil before he strikes again or escapes to hunt victims in another locale, while they face personal problems and the politics of the city of New York.

The devil targets his next victim....

The Cover Artist: Isaiah Stephens

Born in the Artistic city of Lowell , Ma in 1988, from the age of 5,Isaiah spent a great portion of his youth in the rural town of Raeford, NC until 2005 when he returned to his birthplace.

Having a tumultuous relationship with his adopted guardian, he turned to drawing and writing as outlets to express himself. Now he is content with writing and drawing all the time.

He lives in his hometown now and works as an amateur freelance artist and story writer . His artistic icons are Greg Horn, J. Scott Campbell, Randy Green and Chuck Close.

Sketchy yet realistic is the style he like to play with. A gallery of his works can be found at .

Artists and Us

Here at IFWGP, all creativity is good creativity, and we love to join forces with like-minded people. Currently we're working with the talented individuals at Hidden Tentacle, an art group based in York, England, to produce some fine artwork and collaborative story projects.

Our first joint venutre will be an exhibition at Beningbrough Hall where some of our teams' short stories will sit alongside the fine art of HT's members. The artists there are also interested in helping to create cover art and illustrations for our new and existing authors should they wish for some extra creative input or if they don't know where to turn for their novel's cover!

HT have both a blog and a website. Have a look!

Hidden Tentacle Official Website
Hidden Tentacle Blog

Thursday, 26 August 2010

The Great IFWG Publishing Giveaway!!!

IFWG Publishing is about to stop taking manuscript submissions for the next six months (to end March 2011) in order to consolidate our busy schedule of new releases. To celebrate our great line up, and to share in our gratitude for such an overwhelming response from authors, we have decided to give away a series of signed copies of our latest titles. Our giveaway will run for three months and take two forms:

1. Monthly - September, October & November

On the first of October, November and December we will announce one winner (for each date). The winner will receive three signed copies of Page Dancers anthology (various authors), Knorrasky: The Deception (R.A. Knowlton), and Onet's Tale (Jack Eason).

To get this giveaway, you have to register yourself in the following services. You will remain in the running for as long as the giveaway runs, although you will only be able to win once. Each registration can only be done once, but if you use two or all three, it doubles or trebles your chance to get the giveaway.
  • Follow us on Twitter at @IFWGPublishing. Post "I am registered in the @IFWGPublishing Great Giveaway".
  • Follow us at Facebook (IFWG Publishing) and post "I am registered in the Great Giveaway".
  • Follow this Blog site and comment "I am registered in the Great Giveaway".

2.  From Now to end November 2010

As a separate giveaway arrangement, if you register for our monthly Newsletter, and write in the comments box "I am registered in the Great Giveaway", you have  chance for the same prize pack as the Monthly draw, but you will also receive a signed ARC of The Devil Came East by Andy Stephenson and Geri Fitzsimmons. This will be drawn on 1 December 2010.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

NEWSFLASH (date: 25 August 2010)

Due to unprecedented manuscript submissions, IFWG Publishing will have to close to submissions from 1 September 2010 to 31 March 2011. We will literally be publishing titles throughout the period and we need to focus on them. It gives us time to breath. We apologize to those who have considered submitting during this period, but rest assured, we will be happy to receive submissions from April next year.

We will continue to be open to short story and article submissions for our Story Quest Contest and SQ Magazine lines.
Gerry Huntman
Chief Editor
IFWG Publishing

SQ Magazine #1 About To Be Published!

Finally! It took us a little while but we have finally got there. We promised a July publishing, but it ended up end August. With the processes now ironed out, the next edition will be on time.

SQ Magazine, this year, covers any genre of literature, but you will see that it is oriented strongly toward specfic. Not a coincidence really, as our followers know this. Edition #3 onwards will be limited to specfic.SQ Magazine at IFWG's web site

We have 54 pages containing 14 short stories - yes, 14!, including our first Story Quest Contest winner and finalist entries. We have an interview with Jack Eason (who kindly let us publish a short story waaaay out of his usual genre space), and we a very different take on how to write speculative fiction - a continuing series. And there's more.

Here is our cover, in line with Story Quest #1's theme of a shining knight, and we're grateful indeed to Andrew Herman for allowing us to publish it.

In 1 to 2 weeks the magazine will be available in print format. It will be able to be ordered through Amazon or our site for $6.99US plus $3.50US P&H - for US residents. Kindle and other ebook formats will be available this weekend for $3.00 US. A bargain, for what you get.

Great work, team!

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Writer Profile: R. A. Knowlton

R. A. Knowlton is a native of the state of Maine. He was born upstate but lived most of his childhood in southern Maine near Wells. His extended family line includes: Searles, Little, Peabody, Kennedy and Ketch. His love for writing only blossomed in the last few years - prior to that he worked in the construction industry. Now he is a full time writer and publisher, a pastime he much prefers.

He is married and has several children, most grown and out on their own. He and his wife love to travel and have been to every state except Hawaii. Their trip to Alaska was an adventure! He has also been to Canada, Mexico and the Bahamas.

On many sites on-line R.A. is known as KnorraSky and on others they call him The Storyteller.

R.A. is certainly The Storyteller - he tells great tales and enjoys others telling them too. We (four of us, including R.A.) formed IFWG Publishing for the express purpose of helping good authors become great, and R.A is a major driving force in this endeavor. He is the Managing Director of IFWG Publishing - but is also a top writer by himself. He published Knorrasky: The Deception through IFWG Publishing, and it was, in fact, the company's first publication. He has also published a collection of short stories, and an instruction book associated with the building industry. He is a Next Generation Indie Book Finalist.

This is the cover of R.A.'s book. Here is the blurb:

KnorraSky: the Deception, is an exciting story of courage and heartbreak amidst a medieval setting. The opening pages describe a confident king, Noman, who leads his people without hesitation. Soon things changes when during an epic battle a Deception occurs and Noman is forced to confront his worst fears. KnorraSky: the Deception covers 3000 miles and five years as King Noman tries desperately to regain what he has lost.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

IFWG Publishing August Newsletter

Please click here to gain access to our pdf August Newsletter.

August Newsletter

Hello all!

The August newsletter is now winging its merry way to you. Included:
  • Information on our recent releases and our new authors, including Biola Olatunde and our very own Gerry Huntman
  • The new release date for the SQ Magazine
  • Our submission dates
... And more!

And if you aren't signed up for the newsletter, get it done! Go to and sign up to get our monthly update.

Esme Carpenter

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Writer Profile: Jack Eason

Born in the English county of Suffolk in 1948, from the age of ten, Jack spent most of his life in New Zealand until 2000 when he returned to his birthplace.

After military service in the 1960's, he traveled the world, visiting many places, speaking with many peoples over the years. Now he is content to write and travel via the Internet.

He lives in semi-retirement surrounded by  his favorite books, ranging from historical fact to science fiction. His literary icons are J.R.R Tolkien, George Orwell, Arthur C Clarke and John Wyndham.

"Onet's Tale" is his first foray into the world of Heroic Science Fiction and publishing.

We met Jack fortuitously via Facebook, and learned of his love of science fiction and his efforts in trying to publish his work. With a little bit of dialogue and some reading, it was clear to us that he had something worthwhile to offer to the reading public (and so did Paul Goat Allen - spec-fic reviewer for Barnes and Noble). Since publishing his first novel, Onet's Tale, Jack has worked very hard to promote it, and also has been a staunch supporter of IFWG Publishing. 

This is the cover of Jack's first book, published this year by IFWG Publishing. And here is the blurb:

Onet's Tale is a classic tale of good versus evil, but it is interspersed with unexpected and challenging twists. It is an epic science fiction, spanning eons. It is mythic in scope and theme.

Onet is an ancient being whose sole purpose is to trap and remove the evil he awaits. He is the story teller.

Onet’s tale takes us across the cosmos as our heroes, transformed into magnificent berserker warriors, are caught up in an ancient intergalactic power struggle between the Alliance of Planets, led by a consortium of Human and Nephile nations, and their arch enemy, the Drana Empire, who use Onet's own kind - the Khaz - to carry out their spying, and expedite their evil intent across countless worlds.

Just when Onet finally believes he has captured his evil foe, the story changes yet again for the worse...


Okay, apologies to all - the August newsletter will be a little late.

Here at IFWGP we've been absolutely swamped with some brilliant manuscripts and new ideas to make the company spread its wings a little further. All will be revealed - as soon as the newsletter comes out!

In the meantime, check out some of our other links at the bottom of the screen. Our Twitter is updated regularly with news of upcoming novels and updates on our publishing processes. We also have a Facebook page, and a forum where interested authors can get involved.

Best wishes to all - hope it's sunny where you are!

Esme Carpenter
Customer Relations