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Thursday, 28 November 2013

ATTENTION! This site has now moved.

IFWG Publishing is happy to announce the creation of a new web site, which incorporates blog posts.

The consequence of this restructure is that this site is no longer used for IFWG blogs, but it will be retained for a number of years as an archive site.

We ask that all of you who enjoy following our blogs and sites visit the following:  for US, International catalogues, news and blogs  for Australian imprint specific catalogues, news and blogs

(or both!!!)

Thank you so much for being part of us in this blog site - we look forward to seeing you in the new, improved sites.

IFWG Publishing Team

Sunday, 10 November 2013

New Title: Blood Sabers by M F Burbaugh

We are extremely pleased to announce the publishing of M F Burbaugh's second instalment of his We Were Legends series, Blood Sabers.

We expect the book to be available in Amazon within the week, and to all good online stores over a period of weeks thereafter. The same goes for the ebook version.

Congratulations to Merle. He is our most prolific author and are proud to add to his collection in our imprint today.

Jake Spoonbill, once a NASA pilot, later King and savior of a planet called Camelot, has once again been called back to life through a rather bizarre set of circumstances. Joining him is his army of sword-wielding wives, including his first love, Aawasa, and the woman called the Bronze Goddess. He must once more battle against evil forces in the universe. 

This time he must first take over control of the corrupt government of the famed EMM (Earth, Moon, and Mars coalition) to provide the support needed for a war against the headhunting Blood Sabers who have but one mission, exterminate all humans when and where found to cleanse the universe of the plague called man, for their goddess. 

With his army Jake comes head to head with the murderous Sabers on their home worlds.

While you wait a week or so, consider reading M F Burbaugh's first book in the series, the classic We Were Legends:

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Notes From the Editor November 2013

Taken from IFWG Publishing's November 2013 Newsletter.

Sorry about the late newsletter - have been very busy editing and publishing new titles - we in IFWG Publishing definitely have some momentum.

First, new titles.

From the previous newsletter we have published Paper Magic, a wonderful children's book with strong messages about overcoming disabilities, and friendship. Jeffery E Doherty, the writer and wonderful illustrator, had his formal Launch last month in his home town in Australia and it was extremely successful - it was in a school hall with general community attendance, including one of the local bookstores. Over 140 people attended. Well done, Jeffery! I truly wish I could have been there.

Brumbies in the Mist, the third of five books in the Brumbies series, was released in October with a new-look cover - spectacular work by Elizabeth Lang, who is a prolific author of ours, but also a book cover designer. Stay tuned, as we are going to 'retrofit' the first two books of the series (Brumbies and Brumbies in the Snow) into the same look and feel as Brumbies in the Mist. They will be released over the coming four or five weeks.

It is with great pleasure to announce that we have released Loria, book one of the Tower series, by Canadian author Jesse McMinn. This is a unique epic fantasy, with a parallel Earth backdrop, written by a young man who is still in College. One of the wonderful things about being a small, independent publisher, is the opportunity to give new writers leg-ups, and it is more pleasurable indeed when it is someone who is young and talented. The cover is spectacular, a great scene from the book by artist Jeffery Doherty.

Finally, I would like to put a good word in for SQ Mag. Since earlier this year it has become a paying market, and with a more attractive system in place for prospective writers, and a lot of very hard work by the SQ Mag team, the quality and production has been recently outstanding. The covers are out-and-out professional, as is the spread of fiction, book reviews, and smattering of articles. To top it all off, IFWG Publishing Australia released the first of SQ Mag's best fiction annuals, Star Quake 1, with great cover (yes, again Jeffery Doherty) and 19 outstanding work of short fiction.
I ask you all to put good words in for Star Quake and SQ Mag - it is a worthwhile journal that supports new talent, as well as a major marketing wing for IFWG Publishing's work, as it is the major sponsor. SQ Mag is free to the public, but relies heavily on donations, and on sales of Star Quake.

Stay tuned next month, because, yes, there will be further releases!

Gerry Huntman

Chief Editor IFWG 
Publishing Manager, IFWG Publishing Australia

Monday, 4 November 2013

News: Status of 2013 Story Quest Short Story Contest

We at IFWG Publishing and SQ Mag are ecstatic at the turnout of submissions for this year's contest. It settled on 114 submission, many of which were of very high quality...or better.

Round 1 is complete, which is in many ways the toughest - we culled the submissions to 29 - and it was tough. Real tough. I believe a number that were rejected would have been strong candidates for SQ Mag's general submission, but this is a contest. We have to remind ourselves every moment.

Round 2 and the final Round 3 are always handled in rapid succession - Round 2 we draw the field down to around 5 to 7, and Round 3 we choose 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

We should have the short list and winners published close to 15 November 2013.

The stories (without authors' names) that made Round 2 are as follows:

A Very Special Ride
Black Smoker Hero
David's Muse
Exponential Growth
Good Luck Charm
Hand of Glory
Hand to Mouth
Inside Ferndale
It's Only Going to End Badly
Jun Nakamura's Dead Girlfriend
Keeping an Open Mind
Mother's Days
So Long, The Dark
The Baby
The Captain's Last Bath
The Color of Mars
The Dispatch Officer's Son
The Hoodoo Nigger
The Matchbox Sign
The Working Strife of Red O'Leary

There were no double-ups of titles, so if your story is listed here, you know it is in Round 2. If you haven't received a rejection email and your story is not in this list, please double check your entry in Submittable. If there is still uncertainty, please contact us by emailing:

Good luck to all!

Story Quest Contest Team