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Saturday, 25 February 2012

IFWG at Megacon

Friday, February 17th marked the start of the first big event for IFWG Publishing, MegaCon 2012. Peak attendance reached 185,000 on Saturday with standing room only capacity in the extremely large Orlando, Florida event center. Lines stretched around the outside of the building and people were turned away and the doors were closed due to overcrowding. 
IFWG Publishing was well represented by staff and authors, including one artist, John Powers. The following are some shots from the event:

Elizabeth Lang and Jennifer R Resetar (IFWG authors)

John Powers, illustrator for Whirl Wind, drawing caricatures

Larry Ivkovich, Elizabeth Lang & Jennifer R Resetar with attendees

Larry Ivkovich showing his urban fantasy, The Sixth Precept

Louis K Lowy, Elizabeth Lang, Larry Ivkovich and RA Knowlton (authors)

Louis K Lowy and Jennifer R Resetar

Louis K Lowy and his impressive giveaways 
(including a 45 record with novel details as a label)

RA Knowlton with fan holding KorraSky: The Deception

Tireless IFWG Staffer, Sandy Knowlton

RELEASE of SQ MAG, A New Specfic EZine

IFWG Publishing is excited to announce the launch of SQ Mag, a speculative eZine, on 1st March. Each edition will be updated every two months.

The following structure makes this an exciting, must-read:

  • SQ Mag is a free ezine. It costs the reader nothing to read everything published on the site. 
  • What's more, subscribers to the eZine (costing nothing), have the option of the new edition stories being emailed to them in HTML, PRC or EPUB formats (also for free).
  • SQ Mag releases anywhere between 3 and 9 short stories and/or novelettes each edition (usually around 6), where each of the main genres of speculative fiction are represented (scifi, horror/dark fantasy, fantasy). SQ Mag is also committed to publishing a fair share of new writers' work.
  • Every year, a 'Best Of' anthology will be published, of the best short stories published the previous year.
  • SQ Mag will always be publishing serial fiction piece in each edition.
  • SQ Mag is an international ezine: they will publish in the English idiom of the submitted work. That is, if a writer submits a story in UK English, it will be edited and published in UK English. We have a little flag next to the author to indicate this.
  • SQ Mag also publishes reviews in each edition.
  • SQ Mag periodically publishes interviews and articles.
 SQ Mag grew out of a print magazine called SQ Magazine. The model presented above is, in the view of the publisher and editor, a better one for grown and exposure.

IFWG Publishing is the publisher of SQ Mag but has decided that the eZine be independently managed and financed. This means that while IFWG Publishing will be a major sponsor, all income generated by sponsorship, donations and merchandise, including profits from he yearly anthology, will be retained for the running of the eZine.

Visit SQ Mag at their in-construction site -, where you will see how it is looking, and how it is organized. Better yet, if you subscribe before 1st March 2012, you will get the first stories emailed to you if you have chosen such an option.

Sophie Yorkston, Editor-In-Chief
Gerry Huntman, Contributing Editor and Publisher

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Photos from Jennifer R. Resetar's VIP Book Signing

Recently Jennifer R. Resetar, author of the children's book Whirl Wind, had a VIP signing.  This was Jennifer's first book signing was a huge success, supported by a large group of friends and family along with new fans.

Below are a few photos taken from the book signing, including a few family/friend shots, including with her husband, Corey.

Congratulations for a successful book signing from the IFWG Team, Jennifer!