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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Good Review of Whirl Wind

A very good review of Jennifer R. Resetar's children's book, Whirl Wind by reviewer Gary from Midwest Book Review.

"Whirlwind" begins with third grader Alex Johnson walking a short distance to school. Despite having a disability of cerebral palsy he does not let it get him down. Shortly into his walk he is approached by someone who calls his name even though Alex doesn't know him. Alex is told he is a super hero even though he has his disability. He is given a costume and will be known as Whirlwind, who will help others in their time of need. The story is interesting while showing that people with disabilities are the same as anyone else in the world, just a little different It also deals with how vicious others can be to each other and how intolerance is dealt with. "Whirlwind" is a great first of a series of kid's books that has interesting characters and many positive lessons to learn.