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Sunday, 10 November 2013

New Title: Blood Sabers by M F Burbaugh

We are extremely pleased to announce the publishing of M F Burbaugh's second instalment of his We Were Legends series, Blood Sabers.

We expect the book to be available in Amazon within the week, and to all good online stores over a period of weeks thereafter. The same goes for the ebook version.

Congratulations to Merle. He is our most prolific author and are proud to add to his collection in our imprint today.

Jake Spoonbill, once a NASA pilot, later King and savior of a planet called Camelot, has once again been called back to life through a rather bizarre set of circumstances. Joining him is his army of sword-wielding wives, including his first love, Aawasa, and the woman called the Bronze Goddess. He must once more battle against evil forces in the universe. 

This time he must first take over control of the corrupt government of the famed EMM (Earth, Moon, and Mars coalition) to provide the support needed for a war against the headhunting Blood Sabers who have but one mission, exterminate all humans when and where found to cleanse the universe of the plague called man, for their goddess. 

With his army Jake comes head to head with the murderous Sabers on their home worlds.

While you wait a week or so, consider reading M F Burbaugh's first book in the series, the classic We Were Legends:

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