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Saturday, 28 August 2010

Writer Profile: Geri Fitzsimmons & Andy Stephenson

We have two authors who have collaborated on a wonderful crime thriller.

Geri Fitzsimmons

Geri a native New Yorker, who fled the state at an early age, but continued to return, resides now in the town of Whitesboro, NY as a member of a large extended family in the immediate Upstate area.

Her years of roaming this great land from the deserts of New Mexico to Ocean beaches of South Jersey, often alone and scared, started her people-watching, fantasizing, and eventually writing about the secret lives she could give these strangers. When she encountered Andy Stephenson a fire was ignited and they commenced in the winter of 2008 to combine their abilities to create The Devil Came East.

Andy Stephenson

Andy Stephenson, forced to write a poem in the second grade, froze in front of the class, unable to speak, when expected to recite it.  Thus began his writing career.    To impress a high school girl, he began writing more poetry and was first published in 1970.  He's been published many times in spurts in small periodicals.    Writing mostly songs over the years, in 2005 he changed his creative efforts to stories, novellas, and novels.  October 2007, he produced and self-published, 'One More Time, America', containing twenty-one songs he'd written or co-written.

In February 2008, he teamed up with Geri Fitzsimmons to write The Devil Came East, his first completed novel.   He loves to co-write and to encourage others to strive for their dreams.

He is owned by and resides with five cats in Norman, Oklahoma, his favorite city, pursuing his creative interests

The Devil Came East

Had Dr. Neil Harris, a sincere, genuine psychiatrist and radio talk show host, not become concerned, the killing rampage of the devil might have gone unnoticed. Perhaps, the authorities would have never discovered the trail of bodies in his wake. The young women who died might have been destined to be no more than a statistic, one among a number of tragic deaths of girls who'd lost their will to live, among the masses of New York City.

The devil disguised his crimes well until Neil mentioned his concerns to his long time friend, Detective Sergeant Joseph Farley of the 61st precinct of the NYPD. From his conversation with Neil, Farley decides to delve into what turns out to be a string of killings by a serial killer, knowing neither remorse nor fear.

Joe Farley and his men strive to catch the devil before he strikes again or escapes to hunt victims in another locale, while they face personal problems and the politics of the city of New York.

The devil targets his next victim....

The Cover Artist: Isaiah Stephens

Born in the Artistic city of Lowell , Ma in 1988, from the age of 5,Isaiah spent a great portion of his youth in the rural town of Raeford, NC until 2005 when he returned to his birthplace.

Having a tumultuous relationship with his adopted guardian, he turned to drawing and writing as outlets to express himself. Now he is content with writing and drawing all the time.

He lives in his hometown now and works as an amateur freelance artist and story writer . His artistic icons are Greg Horn, J. Scott Campbell, Randy Green and Chuck Close.

Sketchy yet realistic is the style he like to play with. A gallery of his works can be found at .


  1. It is nice to know more about members of a family that have taken you under their wings. I wish both of you the very best and I hope this goes a long way to meet your dreams. Good luck and my deepest best wishes to IFWG. Space is just the beginning for your achievements. I am so happy to be part of this.

  2. Fabulous cover art!

    I am registered in the @IFWGPublishing Great Giveaway

    (Can I just check that the giveaway is open internationally? Can't see anything that indicates it isn't!)


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