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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Writer Profile: R. A. Knowlton

R. A. Knowlton is a native of the state of Maine. He was born upstate but lived most of his childhood in southern Maine near Wells. His extended family line includes: Searles, Little, Peabody, Kennedy and Ketch. His love for writing only blossomed in the last few years - prior to that he worked in the construction industry. Now he is a full time writer and publisher, a pastime he much prefers.

He is married and has several children, most grown and out on their own. He and his wife love to travel and have been to every state except Hawaii. Their trip to Alaska was an adventure! He has also been to Canada, Mexico and the Bahamas.

On many sites on-line R.A. is known as KnorraSky and on others they call him The Storyteller.

R.A. is certainly The Storyteller - he tells great tales and enjoys others telling them too. We (four of us, including R.A.) formed IFWG Publishing for the express purpose of helping good authors become great, and R.A is a major driving force in this endeavor. He is the Managing Director of IFWG Publishing - but is also a top writer by himself. He published Knorrasky: The Deception through IFWG Publishing, and it was, in fact, the company's first publication. He has also published a collection of short stories, and an instruction book associated with the building industry. He is a Next Generation Indie Book Finalist.

This is the cover of R.A.'s book. Here is the blurb:

KnorraSky: the Deception, is an exciting story of courage and heartbreak amidst a medieval setting. The opening pages describe a confident king, Noman, who leads his people without hesitation. Soon things changes when during an epic battle a Deception occurs and Noman is forced to confront his worst fears. KnorraSky: the Deception covers 3000 miles and five years as King Noman tries desperately to regain what he has lost.

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  1. almost three thousand miles the power of the story teller also holds me awed.


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