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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

SQ Magazine #1 About To Be Published!

Finally! It took us a little while but we have finally got there. We promised a July publishing, but it ended up end August. With the processes now ironed out, the next edition will be on time.

SQ Magazine, this year, covers any genre of literature, but you will see that it is oriented strongly toward specfic. Not a coincidence really, as our followers know this. Edition #3 onwards will be limited to specfic.SQ Magazine at IFWG's web site

We have 54 pages containing 14 short stories - yes, 14!, including our first Story Quest Contest winner and finalist entries. We have an interview with Jack Eason (who kindly let us publish a short story waaaay out of his usual genre space), and we a very different take on how to write speculative fiction - a continuing series. And there's more.

Here is our cover, in line with Story Quest #1's theme of a shining knight, and we're grateful indeed to Andrew Herman for allowing us to publish it.

In 1 to 2 weeks the magazine will be available in print format. It will be able to be ordered through Amazon or our site for $6.99US plus $3.50US P&H - for US residents. Kindle and other ebook formats will be available this weekend for $3.00 US. A bargain, for what you get.

Great work, team!


  1. Excellent stuff guys. A long anticipated reading pleasure :)

  2. Proud to be a published part of it!


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