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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

MF Burbaugh's novella Circle of Seven's cover

Here is the cover of MF Burbaugh's novella, Circle of Seven. It will be released in ebook format over coming days, and will be available in print form by end of January (that's a scoop folks, we couldn't resist publishing it in print form).


  1. Just finished reading it. Here is my review:

    Circle of Seven
    M.F Burbaugh

    A group of misfits in the guise of space pirates on the run from the Inter Galactic Police Force land on a planet called Vitore where morality and a rigid hierarchy rule. To their great consternation, they find they have landed on a world where magic, manners and a strict moral code of absolute truth is the norm.

    Populated by Magi, Elves, Gnomes, Orcs, Fairies, Dwarves, Dragonkelt and Yeti, where the populace speak using a form of telepathy, regarding vocal speech as anathema, the world of Vitore slowly unfolds within the tale.

    Two innocent children from Earth, Myra and Kyle, taken prisoner by the pirates are seemingly rescued by the locals. But all is not as it seems as they begin a great adventure of discovery while being taught the ways of the world they find themselves marooned upon by the devious Faeldor and then the kindly Dwarf princess Deeppacer.

    Imagine Tolkien’s characters in space and you have the basis for M.F Burbaugh’s novella.

    This is a great fantasy story for the young and not so young...


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