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Thursday, 3 February 2011

Writer Profile: Linda Penhall

Linda Penhall left her native home in Ireland for the sunnier climes of South Africa in 1997. Upon arrival in Jo’burg, she did something totally out of character―she bought an Irish Pub and Restaurant. Prior to this, she was involved in the equestrian and airline industry, so becoming a restaurateur was a rather strange experience and one that didn’t last―it just wasn’t her! Two years later, she packed up and moved to the Eastern Cape where she now lives in organized chaos as a full time writer along with her husband and daughter, two spaniel type dogs, a lovable but loopy ginger cat and of course, her well-used laptop.

Linda came to us with a manuscript very close to publication ready, which impressed us. The story, while not the usual we publish, entranced, delighted and captured us with the strength of its characters. We were happy indeed to invite Linda into our stable of authors, and very much look forward to the sequel of They Never Give Up

This is the cover of her debut novel, and the following is its official blurb:

Cathy and Pauline are leaving footprints—raised ones.

Cathy is gorgeous, smart and quick-witted—her life looks promising to say the least. And to round it all off she has a devoted husband who thinks the world of her. Everyone assumes she’s got it made. But has she?

Pauline is the life and soul of every party—firmly believing the world to be some kind of giant playpen. Underneath this rebellious guise is a woman who desperately wants someone to love her for who she truly is.

Set in an Irish backdrop, the story humorously explores the vibrant and multicolored lives of these two lifelong friends as they love, work and laugh in the midst of horses, rehab, aviation, a whiskey guzzling skinflint father and a deplorably meddlesome mother-in-law.

They Never Gave Up will strike a chord with all women especially those who have ever been let down to the point of betrayal.


They Never Gave Up is packed with so many emotions and the voices of the characters are wonderfully authentic. It's also a heartwarming read that to me, places a wonderful emphasis on the power of true friendship. I think if you're looking for chick-lit with substance, you'll definitely find all that and so much more in They Never Gave Up - Tammy February - Women24 - South Africa

A cracking good beach read. Barbara Manning – Daily Dispatch - South Africa

Delectably honest - laugh-out-loud funny and heartfelt. Tim Botha - Go Magazine

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  1. They Never gave up
    At the end of a very interesting read , I told myself what I did not know about horses would not be worth much as the novel by Linda Penhall, took me through lots of information about horses. Coming from a culture that was as different from hers, as chalk is to cheese, I must still commend Linda for giving me an interesting time. I found I had heavy eyes as I was loath to drop the book until I had found what became of her. I was alarmed at Pauline, agonized with her every misdeeds and wanted to box her ears a lot of times. I had been puzzled when I read reviews that said ‘chick-lit’ but after reading I understood and bridled that they called it that. THEY NEVER GAVE UP is a story of feminine resilience, humour, love, disaster, tragedies and showed the fine points of the stress of womanhood. I would have loved to see Cathy fulfill herself as woman, and Mary too for that matter. Being African, I was a bit startled at the easy way she referred to her father by his first name which was the culture shock for me. All in all I laughed, cried, chuckled and felt I was having a good gossip. A woman is a human being and has rights to see herself and her vocation in terms of personal fulfillment not as an appendage of mother or wife and I waited patiently to see that come about. Congratulations Linda for a very honest insight into how women think.


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