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Thursday, 27 October 2011

New Children's Book Release: Whirl Wind by Jennifer R. Resetar

IFWG Publishing has the pleasure of announcing the release of Jennifer R. Resetar's special children's book, Whirl Wind. Tribute should also be given to John Power's wonderful illustrations.

This IS a special book. It is about a boy who discovers he has super powers - but he isn't an ordinary boy - he has Cerebral Palsy. And yet, the book shows that in fact he is as normal as anyone else. This book isn't really about super heroes. It's about showing that the world is diverse and it is made up of all kinds of people, and we all have challenges. This book also depicts one particulra challenge that many school children have - schoolyard bullying. Again, we are shown how this can be overcome.

This is a labor of love by the author and illustrator, as well as our publishing house. We believe it is as much an educational tool, as it is a young child's tale of superheroes.

This is a special book.

Author's bio and a summary of the story can be found in Jennifer's Bio Site
We also have a bio site for the artist, John Powers.

Available now in Amazon as an ebook, soon in print and NOOK Book formats.

Preordering can take place in Jennifer's Bio Site.

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