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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

SQ Magazine #3 Is Released!!!

IFWG Publishing is relieved and pleased to announce the release of SQ Magazine #3. The use of exclamation marks as well as the term 'relieved' is because our magazine was the most affected by the delay effect caused by the Missouri Floods - there was a cascading delay effect and it was more important for us to publish our title schedule than the magazine (unfortunately). Any other delays simply added to this accumulated effect.

To make matters worse, we lost a bit of time when we discovered that Amazon had changed its pricing policy - which added considerably to the retail price - we strongly recommend you compare their price (which will appear in a few days) with what we can make available on our site. However, this has caused us to seriously rethink how our business and delivery model should be shaped for the future - stay tuned for that.

In this edition we have 11 short stories by new authors, as well as 3 stories by IFWG Publishing Authors (MF Burbaugh, author of Circle of Seven and We Were Legends; Ian Hall, author of Opportunities: Jamie Leith in DariƩn; and Gary Alexander Azerier, author of the children's title, Constellation Station). We should add that this edition has an interview with Gary and illustrator Ioanny Dimov, regarding the children's story.

We also have a book review and some articles on writing speculative fiction, including world building.

This is a strong edition, complemented by Roan Carter's fabulous illustration gracing our cover.


  1. Fair enough. Where can I get it? appears to be a dead end.

  2. Ditto for the site linked in your article.


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