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Sunday, 22 January 2012

New release: Against The Elements by Esme Carpenter

IFWG is proud to announce the release of our very own Esme Carpenter's debut novel, the young teen fantasy, Against The Elements. We, the IFWG team as a whole, have been aware for years of Esme's immense writing talent, and this was underscored by her acceptance into, and graduation from, the prestigious University of East Anglia Writing School. What many people don't know is that she has written DOZENS of novels since she was about 15 years of age, and this novel we have published, is her revised version of a novel she had in fact written at 15. She is 21 years old as of this posting. What a future, and we are chuffed to be part of it.

Esme's novel is currently out in Kindle format, but it is only a matter of days before it is available in NOOK and paperback. Visit our ebook store to find the format you like, if you want it in electronic format.


  1. Heartfelt Congratulations Esme!! So happy for you. Look forward to buying a copy from my corner of the world. may it be a bestseller too.

  2. Lots and lots of luck with "Against the Elements" Esme. :)

  3. !!!! This is so exciting!! Thanks to all who read it / proofed it / edited it (including, of course, Gerry) - and I hope it has a successful run!



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