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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Market News: Manuscript Submissions Closed for 2013

We opened our pipeline for submissions for the 2013 publishing year, and, unbelievably, we received a wave of submissions, many of which were excellent. So much so, that our calendar is now full. 21 days.

IFWG Publishing's prime tenet is to help authors become published authors, to help them along the way from a vocational, and professional point of view. While we are ecstatic that we have a full schedule to the end of 2013, it also saddens us that we are not able to help as many new and talented authors as we wish - the 21 day window in a 366 day year indicates the impact we make - but nevertheless an impact it is. In 2013 we will be publishing approximately 12 books, including our first non-fiction, and around half of the titles will be by newcomers. This, we are proud of.

Our pipe will open again on 1 March 2013 for the 2014 schedule. There is one exception - if you have a piece of non-fiction you want published, and you are willing to wait to 2014 for publishing, please send your query to us now - visit for the address details. Be sure to include a marketing plan.

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