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Monday, 28 May 2012

Chap-eBooks: New Product Line

IFWG Publishing is pleased to announce that we have now commenced publishing 'chapbooks' for eformat only, which we call 'chap-ebooks'.

Chapbooks a few hundred years ago were small booklets, usually 40 pages or less, that were sold by street peddlers, containing stories, newsletters and suchlike. Over the years, in the traditional publishing space, these beasts were produced by publishers to reward fans of their stable of authors, or provide something special, though short. Many publishers and self-publishers now sell short eformatted pieces through online distributors, paralleling the chapbook experience.

We have combined the two concepts to produce a chap-ebook line. However, we have strictly limited it to work that is written by our existing contracted authors. This is a way to give our fans treats, especially between major publications by a given author. In some circumstances we will also publish chap-ebooks by an author that supplements a major story.

The series of chap-ebooks are numbered sequentially, but otherwise have nothing in common with each other. They will appear on an adhoc basis, and in the spirit of the old chapbooks, will be produced without expensive polish (in terms of the cover art), but will certainly maintain the standard internally.

Several chap-ebooks will be appearing very soon, but we have launched #001 - R.A. Knowlton's Gift Horse, a delightful and thoughtful science fiction short story.

Visit our Chap-eBook Store.

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  1. Read the teaser on Amazon. I wish I had a Kindle! Looks like a great read. And I love the idea of Chap Book.


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