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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

New Title: Numen Yeye by Biola Olatunde

We are very proud to announce the release of Numen Yeye, by Biola Olatunde. Biola has already published with us, Blood Contract, a great adventure set in contemporary Nigeria, which is equally a social commentary on life in that part of Africa.

Numen Yeye goes one more. It is primarily a social commentary, focused on spiritualism and superstition, the good and bad sides of indigenous religion as well as Christianity. It shows there is a lot of gray, and perhaps that for goodness to exist, so must there be a darker side. Numen Yeye is also a fantasy story, where a young girl, Ife, is blessed by the spirit of Numen Yeye and for much of the novel, there is an oscillation between the worlds of village live in Africa, and the place of Light, where the spirit creatures and gods reside. Ife's life, as well as others, are told with great sensitivity and vividness, testament to Biola's skills as a poet.

This was a long project for IFWG Publishing, because we discovered, on the fly, the necessity to translate (so to speak) Nigerian English idiom into US English for the largest of our Western readers. At the same time we didn't want to lose the magic of the original language, and not to stray too far from the way the dialogue represents the language of the characters. It took many months to get this right, and readers will marvel at the story, the style, and will be constantly reminded that we are talking about different world to what they are used to, both real and fantasy.

Well done Biola, you deserve great interest in your novel.

Numen Yeye is now out in various ebook formats. The print version will be out soon.

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