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Friday, 12 April 2013

Significant Review of Biola Olatunde's Numen Yeye

It is with immense pleasure to have read a glowing review of Numen Yeye, by Biola Olatunde, in the Nigerian newspaper The Hope. This is a regional broadsheet with a readership of at least one million people. More importantly, this is a Nigerian review of a novel that IFWG Publishing has taken great pains in ensuring the story is readable for Western World English readers, and yet retain the style and quality of the Nigerian idiom. It appears we have passed with flying colors from a local point of view - and we are relieved and very proud of this achievement.

The review, titled 'Predetermination and man's earthly mission', was written by the reviewer, Sunmola Olowookere.

Here are a few snippets from the full-page review:

"This work of fiction by this seasoned writer, Biola Olatunde is not a novel for the ordinary man, it is for deep thinkers who are striving for higher and ennobling recognitions and the human link with the spiritual world."

"The novel, Numen Yeye, is about intertwining worlds and it teaches about predestination. The novel also has satiric qualities as the readers become aware of the ills of polygamy and extended families. It also gently scoffs at Nigerians' show of religiousity which had not helped in solving our problems. It also encourages female education."

"It is a work rich with cultural practices of the Yoruba people. While the author does not bore the reader with traditional mumbo-jumbo, it has brought home to us that we cannot forget our roots and our links to what has been before our existence."

"The author, in this work, has outdone herself. Her understanding of man's existence and the importance of understanding his purpose in life is portrayed in Imole Ife [main character] and her desire to understand her mission in life."

"Really, I want to say the readers who know Biola Olatunde and the richness of her prose could not have expected anything less than the dexterity she exhibited in Numen Yeye."


  1. I have read Numen Yeye and I cant but agree with this review of the book. I found it si rich in content, especially the Yoruba culture.

    The narration is so vivid and enthrancing. Chapter fourteen begins with a very strong and dramatic representation of one of the Yoruba superstitions.

    The thirty chapters was very enlightening and highly recommended. I know Biola, I am therefore not surprised at the effort.

  2. thanks. coming form one of my own, it is praise indeed.


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