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Monday, 8 July 2013

Letter From The Editor (taken from the July 2013 Newsletter)

Another short and sweet editorial for this month, readers.

IFWG Publishing is pleased to announce, with effect immediately, the creation of an Australian imprint of IFWG Publishing. This doesn't really change much on the surface, for readers and authors, but there are a lot of good things that come out of this.

The reasons why we are doing this, and the benefits, can be outlined below:

  1. For non-US authors, sending shipments of books from the US to the country of destination places a large amount of overhead on the author and publisher (in terms of time and money). This new arrangement has printing and distribution centered in Australia for Australian books, but with the flexibility of printing and distributing overseas (same infrastructure company is used - Ingram/Lightning Source).
  2. A sizeable portion of our authors are Australian, and the majority of works are Australian in content. We really need to capture the local market as a priority, and see later if we want to 'internationalise' it. This means we want Australian printed books written in Australian English, for Australian audiences. This makes a lot of sense to us.
So in the coming months, we will carry out the following, in rough order of priority:

  • Publish Kings of Under-Castle in the Australian imprint, instead of the International (and convert to Australian English). The ebook is already published, but an Australian English version will also be published.
  • Publish Paper Magic in the Australian Imprint, instead of the International.
  • Publish the third Brumbies novel in the Australian imprint.
  • Adjust printer and distribution locations for the first two Brumbies books.
  • Re-publish A Magpie Called Will in Australian English in the Australian Imprint.
  • Publish Sealskin Coast in the Australian Imprint.
  • Publish The Adventures of Teddy and Karl in the Australian Imprint.
No doubt there will be more, but this is plenty of work for our new imprint.

Gerry Huntman
Chief Editor
IFWG Publishing

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