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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Notes from the Editor: Sept 2013 IFWG Newsletter

Things are happening again in IFWG Publishing.

Firstly, on the Australian imprint front, Kings of Under-Castle (Michael B Fletcher) is only days away from print publishing, followed soon after by Paper Magic (Jeffery Doherty) and Brumbies in the Mist (Paula Boer and illustrator, Rowena Evans) - both in print and ebook formats. Moving forward, we will also be publishing The Adventures of Teddy and Karl (Rolf Svensen, illustrated by Jeffery Doherty) and Sealskin Coast (Rowena Evans). A busy period ahead for us down-under.

In the US we will very shortly be publishing Unlikely Hero in print format (Geraldine Fitzsimmons) and soon after M F Burbaugh's The Bounty Hunter in print format. While we have a long list of titles to catch up to after these two, we are expecting to work with Jennifer Resetar's Whirlwind series (including a name change), Ian Douglas' juvenile work, The Infinity Trap, and Jesse McMinn's Loria. There are others, and we'll see how this goes, but some patience is still required from our authors.

In the short fiction camp we are currently running the 2013 Story Quest Short Story Contest, and many submissions are coming in - this will be a great year, and we are fortunate to have the excellent Tonia Brown as guest judge (horror, weird western, steampunk author). We are expecting to publish the 'best of' SQ Mag 2012 very soon, probably through the Australian imprint.

SQ Mag is growing in readership in leaps and bounds, and is getting a reputation for excellence - we are grateful for editor Sophie Yorkston's wonderful leadership.

Yes, things are happening.

Gerry Huntman
Chief Editor IFWG Publishing

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