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Thursday, 21 October 2010

Another title coming!

We are pleased to announce that Gerry Huntman's Young Adult fantasy novel, Guardian of the Sky Realms, will be available next month. Visit his bio page on our site, and take a sneak at the front cover and blurb.

A bit of trivia: Gerry wrote a short story called The Painting, based on looking at Penina Gal's painting called Wings (the painting on the cover). It became apparent a longer story had to be told, and Gerry wrote Guardian of the Sky Realms. What was interesting was that Gerry was able to get in touch with Penina and make arrangements to use the original artwork on the cover of his novel - a great result, and adding meaning to the cover.


  1. Looking forward to this Gerry, Congratulations!

  2. I am so pleased for you my friend - well done."Guardian of the Sky Realms" has been a long time coming :)

  3. Huzzah! Very happy for you, G :)



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