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Sunday, 31 October 2010


In the next couple of hours IFWG Publishing will enact some policy changes to the way we do business, and will make some technical changes to our web site.

Firstly, to policy:

As of 1 Nov we will narrow our scope to speculative fiction - we have already made this adjustment to general submissions, but now this applies to SQ Magazine and the Story Quest Contest as well. This change is not a surprise to everyone, and it certainly means a sign of growth for us.

We want to stress this important point - all our authors of titles who have not written speculative fiction are safe - we will continue to publish their work on merit, and with the genres they are comfortable with. They are part of our family.

The Story Quest contest is being overhauled, and for the better. As stated above, it is restricted to speculative fiction, and it will now only be held once a year. The submission pipeline opens on 1 August each year, and closes 31 October. Winners will be announced within 3 weeks of the closing date. Prizes are cash for 1st, 2nd and 3rd, and they, along with other finalists, will be published in SQ Magazine.

Technical Changes:

We are happy indeed to incorporate the Submishmash submission management system into our operations, to make it easier for editors and authors alike to keep track of submissions.

We have also made changes to the three pages relevant to all of the policy/technical changes - Story Quest Contest, SQ Magazine, and Manuscript Submissions.

All in all, 1 November represents a key date in our company's growth.

IFWG Publishing Team

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