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Friday, 24 June 2011

Last Days of Distribution of Our First Publication

When IFWG Publishing commenced business, it was with great pleasure that we assisted a large bunch of writers who were members of the Storywrite site, to get their collective short stories published. We joined in after the editorial policy and cover design was already set in train, but we helped where we could and got the product published. It is called Page Dancers.

It achieved its prime objective - to get a large number of writers published through traditional means.

As it is a specialized product, and there is no expectation that it will make many more sales, we have decided to stop distribution of the title. By close of business 26 June 2011 (US EST) we will stop distribution.

If any good readers are interested, there are a few more days to purchase it. It is a hefty tome with a huge number of short stories, in almost every genre under the sun. It is unique.

We believe it may end up a bit of a collectors' item, as it is limited in production and many of its writers, no doubt, will become well known, if not famous.

Go here for paperback purchase,

and here for various ebook formats.

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