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Thursday, 23 June 2011

M F Burbaugh's New Novel, We Were Legends

We are proud to announce that M F Burbaugh's latest novel, We Were Legends, is now out in Kindle and within a day or two, NOOK Book. The print and pdf versions will also be released very soon.

We are also chuffed that this is our first author who has published a second title with us (the previous novella is Circle of Seven). A great milestone, and thank's Skip!

Jake is a NASA pioneer pilot in a newly developed one-man explorer ship who takes to the stars to escape torment. Odds of survival are less than four in ten, and it is believed NASA pads the statistics.

He is forced to crash on an unknown planet that is dying, as its star gets colder in defiance of the laws of physics. Jake begins his survival quest with a few technological items from his ship and a still-functioning computer. It gets more complex when he rescues a beautiful girl and struggles to overcome the life and death challenges of the planet's inhabitants, mega-fauna, and extreme climate. He discovers a few of Earth's ancient stories of gods and demi-gods that are embroiled in hate, vanity, and what some call magic, are more than myths.

With success or failure, Jake proves that legends are made, not born.

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