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Saturday, 28 July 2012

Chap-eBook Release #006: A Concerned Citizen, by Larry Ivkovich

We are happy to announce the release of our sixth chap-ebook, the novelette sized urban fantasy, A Concerned Citizen. It is a great tie-in with Larry's recent novel, The Sixth Precept, and contains two characters from the novel. A Concerned Citizen is the first of Kim Yoshima's adventures, and provides fans of Larry's spectacular contemporary setting with something to dig their teeth into.

The blurb reads:
After serving on the Pittsburgh Police Force for twenty years, Lt. Kim Yoshima thought she had seen and heard everything. But after encountering a mysterious man with meta-acute strength, reflexes and speed, she realizes that the latest case she's working on is much, much more than it seems. So much, in fact, that the fabric of space and time is unraveling and only she can stop it. The adventures of Kim Yoshima begin... 

A Concerned Citizen is currently available in NOOK Book and Kindle formats, and will soon be released in Kobo.

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