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Saturday, 28 July 2012

New Release: The Rebels by Elizabeth Lang

IFWG Publishing is proud to release Elizabeth Lang's second installment to her The Empire Series, The Rebels. Elizabeth Lang's sequel continues her strong plot with powerful characters, knitting a poignant love story with a science fiction adventure of space opera proportions. Few can combine these two elements, but Elizabeth has, at a stellar level.

Her blurb reads:

Rebellion is a state of mind.

“Maybe I want to find out what’s worse than dying.”

On the cusp of freedom, Adrian Stannis is plunged into the world of bounty hunters and rebels, each one valuing his head with the kind of single-minded intensity that does not bode well for his dream of peace and a fully stocked lab in a quiet and obscure corner of the galaxy.

Dragged along against his will by a barbarian intent on selling him back to the Empire, Adrian 'accidentally' kidnaps an emergency room doctor--because that is the kind of thing he does, while Kali and Bryce try to find him and become embroiled in an adventure of their own, one that leads to a sinister mystery that might destroy them all.

The Rebels is currently out in ebook formats: Kobo, NOOK Book and Kindle. The print edition will be out soon.

The third installment, The Andromedans, is expected to be released in Winter 2012.

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