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Saturday, 1 December 2012

New Release: Brumbies In The Snow

One of the great pleasures we have in IFWG Publishing, is our sideline of children's titles - normally aiming for the 8+ range, often in the 10 to 14. It was with great pleasure last year that we released Brumbies, by Paula Boer and Rowena Evans (Illustrator), which was the first of a five part series. It was aimed at the young horse-loving market, and it told a great story set in the Australian outback. It was written and published in Australian English (mainly because we correctly assumed that the bulk of sales would be in Australia), and it was choc-a-block full of illustrations, maps, and even an Australian horsemanship glossary. Great value.

We have just released book two, titled Brumbies In The Snow, noticeable with a yellow cover, instead of the green of the first volume. It continues the adventures of the protagonists of the first book, and takes place in Australian winter, where in the highlands there is (yes actually) snow. Another wonderful tale.

We look forward to the remaining three books, each with a unique color, coming out over the next few years. We hope that you consider purchasing this book (or both!) for your older children for Christmas. It would be a treat!

Here is the blurb:

Taming a wild horse is no easy task, as Ben and Louise soon discover. Their progress is slowed by a runaway horse and a desperate search through the park for two lost hikers. Concern for an injured brumby adds to the complications.

Follow the wild twists and turns of the Best Selling sequel Brumbies adventure, as Ben and Louise explore the High Country of Australia in winter and learn what it means to break in a brumby.

Brumbies In The Snow will shortly be available from our site, but it is already available from all good online stores, in both print and ebook formats.

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