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Thursday, 6 December 2012

New Release: Kings Of Under-Castle by Michael B. Fletcher

We are excited to announce the release of our first anthology of short stories in nearly three years - Kings Of Under-Castle by Michael B. Fletcher. Michael has been long associated with IFWG Publishing, often participating in our beta reading groups, and is a friend of several other writers based in Australia. I certainly noticed the odd Pickel and Weasle stories popping up in writing challenges, and it was inevitable that these rogues who live in the sewers under a royal castle, would make it to the title list. And so we have it, a collection of fifteen short stories starring the two hilarious protagonists, as well as a cast of other characters that can only rival a Shakespearean comedy.

Thanks to John Hughes for his magnificent 3D rendering art and cover design - he is a legend!

Here is the blurb:

Kings of Under-Castle is an anthology of short stories featuring two rogues, Pickel and Weasle, who live in the drains beneath the King's castle.
Pickel and Weasle encounter the officious Courtier Bland, the macabre Surgeon Strichnin, the Keeper of the Royal Bloodhounds, and the deadly Hanging Judge. They meet up with the King and Queen, the lovely Helena von Gosporin, the cheery jailer, Drossum, all the while being supported/hindered by two cheeky urchins, Joe and Ferd.
Pickel and Weasle are quick to purloin valuables to make their life in the dark tunnels more comfortable, nor are they fussy about what they eat, as long as it's meat.
Their hilarious adventures get them into many sticky situations which test their ingenuity and they usually, but not always, end up on top.

At this point, the title is available in Kindle, but it will soon be released in NOOK Book, Kobo, as well as print (in the New Year).

Amazon US
Amazon UK

Well done, Michael, and good luck in the Aurealis Awards, where this collection has been submitted.

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  1. Brilliant, Michael. Good luck for the Aurealis Awards! Shirley C Patton


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